Running your business without a Finance Director?

We are here to help business owners and decision makers to gain control of their finances and cashflow without relying on a finance director.

Join in helping us build your ideal app, one that will help keep a pulse on your financial position in real-time, eliminate cashflow shortages, and more.

P.S. Your feedback is critical to us, so if you spot something that’s not right, could be done better or if you have a suggestion… let us know via Facebook Messenger or email

Why Pulse?

Your accounting software and bank balance only tell part of the story.

Pulse uses machine learning to pull together all of your historical transactions and accounting data that help you run your business successfully. Get an instant and real view of your finances across your accounting and bank providers, and not just when your accountant finishes the books.

We are building Pulse to answer your questions

Has my financial performance increased or decreased over time?

Am I on track to hit my financial targets?

Can I afford to make salary this month if I make a big purchase?

How do I forecast the next 30 days or 2 months?

What are the payment behaviours of my customers? Can you tell me when someone has paid me?

How much cash do I have available to spend without going under?

How much VAT tax should I be setting aside?

Benefits for you

See if your invoices have been paid before you or your accountant does the books.
Chase your customers easily, making it easy to be on top of your business.
Bring together your UK Banking and accounting information in one easy to understand picture. Securely stored.

Many features coming soon, including:

We use your historical data to project your future financials, so you don't have to do manual cash flow forecasting.
Chase your customers to pay you easily and subtly. Making life that little bit sweeter.
Real time notifications when you need to know if someone has paid you.

Pulse is built by the people who use it: you.

Everything we build is made for business owners by business owners. We are in this together.

Do you want to help us build the best app for you? Join our co-creator community to suggest features, give feedback and help us test the app! 

Together, we can help all businesses succeed.

It’s easy to connect and enjoy Pulse

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change my bank or software accounting provider to use Pulse?
No, you don’t need to change anything about the way you operate, Pulse integrates with your existing bank and accounting software to provide you with useful information
What do I need to use Pulse?
The app is available on both iOS (Apple) and Android devices.
Pulse currently supports all banks that are part of the UK’s Open Banking Framework, the full list can be found here. Due to current Open Banking restrictions, Pulse is only available to businesses with an annual turnover of £6.5m or less.
Why are we doing a Beta?
We want to make a distinct and real impact on the way that business owners and decision makers operate their businesses on a day to day basis. We want to build with real businesses to ensure that we are solving real pain points. Your insight and experience will help us ensure that we deliver a product to the market that will directly benefit you and the way you manage your business finances

Our Mission

We’re here to help businesses succeed. With smart data science and super-simple tools, we show business owners how they’re performing right now – and how they’re likely to perform in the future.

Which means they can answer their biggest questions – like whether to expand their team, or how to predict late payments – with confidence. And get back to their real passion: growing their business.

Your Data Is Protected

Open Banking

Open Banking uses rigorously tested software and security systems. You’ll never be asked to give access to your bank login details or password to anyone other than your own bank or building society. What is open banking?

We are regulated

Only apps and websites regulated by the FCA or European equivalent can use Open Banking.

You’re in charge

You choose how long you give Pulse access to your data.