You didn’t start your business to become an accountant*

Finance shouldn’t be complicated. Let’s make it simple.

We’re building an app to help businesses’ manage their finances without spending hours crunching numbers or chasing accountants.

Come help us simplify finance.

*unless you’re an accountant.

Why are we doing this?

Businesses tell us they struggle with these questions. They shouldn’t have to.


How much is my next tax bill going to be?


Do I have enough money to cover all of my outgoings this month?


How much of the money in my bank account can I afford to invest back into my business?


How much can I afford to pay myself?


I’ve got an amazing opportunity, can I afford the upfront costs?


How is my business really doing?


How do I know how much cash I should have next month?


Our approach to solving problems is different.

We listen.

Before building anything, we speak to businesses about their problems.

Wondering how to get involved?