We are on a mission to help every small business succeed

We believe small businesses make the world go round. They create jobs, build communities, are the core of our economy, and enrich our culture. But it’s too hard; they are not just expected to be passionate, hardworking entrepreneurs. They are also expected to quickly understand the complexities of their financial data to make crucial business decisions every day.

We are here to do the difficult task of simplifying this problem. We are using data science combined with an amazing user experience to empower every small business to make better business decisions.

We want to be known for changing the economy by helping every small businesses succeed.

We are not a banking product or an accounting package

We are not a banking product and we don’t want to be your accountant. Pulse is all about making it easier for a business owner or decision maker. 

We are designed to help you answer questions like have your invoices been paid and, can you afford to make salary?  The important questions that money enables but with insight your accountant won’t give you every day.  

What we do is unique, and so are we

Like our users, we are small and eclectic, united by diverse experiences.

We have worked on some pretty cool stuff, from a femtech start-up, internet banking in the very early days, the first commercial Open Banking service, to helping build the world’s first autonomous ship and the Innovate UK platform – funding 70,000 jobs in the UK.

We believe people are the key to achieving our mission. Our team believe in collaboration & trust, candour & bravery and having each other’s back while working at pace – we hope you do as well. What that means is, when you meet one of our people you’ll find:

• We believe knowing the ‘why’ enables delivery
• We assume positive intent and look for solutions
• We listen and take considered risks
• We aspire to mastery in all our work
• We occasionally go fast alone but always aim to go far together
• We put ourselves in other’s shoes
• We believe honesty is demonstrated by what we say and what we do